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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Betting on Sports

With all the March Madness going on in the basketball world and all the brackets that get filled out and entered into pools in schools and offices: where is the line of acceptability? We tell our kids that gambling is wrong, and then we gamble on sports.

My Dad always told me that betting was stupid unless you were 100 percent sure you were going to win, and then it was wrong.

Betting on sports is very dangerous because even if you think you know a lot about the teams involved, there are so many factors beyond your control. There are injuries, eligibilities, contract disputes, suspensions, team discord; the list goes on. Why would you take a chance on losing money when you have no control over the action?

How about all the money in the pool being donated to a charity? Then folks could get the excitement of the betting, but the money is going to a good use. The main thing is to teach kids that any money bet should be money that would not mind throwing away.....

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