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Friday, January 8, 2010

Who needs teaching?????

As a Physical Education teacher I have actually had parents tell me my class is just "another recess". Yet every day I see students who display a stunning lack of basic coordination and balance. Not to mention the lack of endurance and strength and flexibility that is the norm rather than the exception.

Kids don't know what they need to know about keeping their bodies healthy unless someone teaches them! And not all kids are "natural" athletes. If you think kids can "figure it out" for themselves, just try teaching a cartwheel or a backwards roll to 2nd graders. The need for step by step instructions and demonstrations becomes immediately apparent.

Why limit a student's ability to use their body to its fullest potential by not helping them to completely understand its capacity?


  1. In homeschooling circles PE sometimes gets overlooked too. It's a shame. There is an even greater need for physical fitness and healthy outlets for stress in our young people today.

  2. I was in love with my PE teacher as a child. He made me think I could actually do a pull-up one day. I even grew up to marry a PE teacher and have come to realize what a hard job it is...along with coaching. I like seeing kids have better sportsmanship than their parents. That's what makes me feel like the general population will get smarter and healthier if we don't cut these programs!

  3. P.E. was one of the reasons why I was able to stay attentive in school. I needed that daily release of energy to be able to go back into the classroom and sit listening to the teacher. I find it unbelievable that schools are phasing out PE classes in the name of money.

  4. It is a shame that with all the reports of increasing obesity and other health issues facing our population ( including kids ) that P.E. programs are the first to go when budgets get hit.

    Maybe if we tested kids health knowledge on the standardized testing and required every kid to take and pass a national physical test ( like the presidential fitness ) we could show some black and white numbers to parents!!!!

  5. Did you know that in most school districts students who are home schooled are eligible to participate in P.E., music, and art programs at what would be their school of attendance? Check it out......